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Arkla Servel / Dometic

by G&S Mechanical:

With emphasis on repair not replacement

    I Get lots of inquiries about Gas air conditioning specifically the units that were made by Arkla Servel and are now made by Dometic.
    I am looking into carrying these units. While gas air conditioning technically is not as efficient as electric air conditioning they are competitive energy cost wise. If the price of natural gas stays where it is they will continue to be viable.
    I do not recommend connecting them to propane unless you have a cheap source of propane.
    The average life of a gas unit is 50+ years if maintained. The only caveat is that I believe the units that have electronic ignition should be changed back to standing pilot so they won't rust out. The only unit that I worked on failed because the pilot was left off and the coils rotted out (not using the unit when it did work didn't help either). When the unit was fired up it blew a few of the coils. Needless to say it wasn't worth fixing. This unit was made by Bryant.
    Once I get a price on these units delivered to the Baltimore Washington D.C area I will post it here.
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