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Wednesday July 2 2003. I just released an interview I did with Julia DeMato. This one is 25+ minuites audio links are included.

Released Tuesday May13th 2003:
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    It is April 17 2003 at 1pm and thanks to the people at Fox television I am on the Phone with American Idol contestant Vanessa Olivarez who is in New York City at the moment on her cell phone.

    Now for our readers who may not know who you are you are one of the final contestants from the mega hit TV. show American Idol. In short how it works is they go to several cities NY, Atlanta, Miami, Austin Nashville Detroit and LA. I am not sure it is in that order. Out of the approximately 70,000 people who show up to audition only 240 (the official number is believed to be 234) get to the final audition then of the final 32 chosen by the judges (Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell). America votes on 4 groups of  8  plus 3 chosen by the judges from the recently eliminated and 4 more from previous auditions that didn't make it through the normal process to make a final 12 after votes from the audience. So if you do the math this is quite impressive odds of being in the top 12.

    Note: I got to talk to another contestant that made it to the top 200, She lives near Rockville md and may do an interview once she is done with college this year. She performed at the local Mall Tour even though the acoustics were horrific, she would sound really good in our soundproof studio.

    Then each week America votes on the final 12 until there is one and the way the process works is who ever receives the least amount of votes goes home. Unfortunately Vanessa was the first one to receive the minimum amount of votes and went home.

    This copy will be edited and available on the Liberty Post web site

Start recording:

   LPN: Hi this is Scott Meenen from Liberty Post News and we are on the phone here with Vanessa Olivarez from Atlanta Georgia. Good afternoon how are you doing down there?

    VO: I am great how are you.

    LPN: Good, I have been reading about you and apparently you are quite an impressive gal.

    VO: Ah well, you know I try! Ha ha!

    LPN: Yeah, apparently you have been busy lately. I have been told that we only have about 10 minutes so i'll save the time and ask what you have doing with yourself these days?

    VO: Well I just had the unveiling of my PETA ad which is the People for the Ethical treatment of Animals. I posed for the ad campaigns "I would rather go naked than wear fur", and the theme of the ad "be comfortable in your own skin and don't wear fur" and it was unveiled today at Herald Square in middle of Manhattan and it was fabulous and we did that in front of the Macys because Macys refuses to stop selling fur, so we thought it would be perfect.

    LPN: Yeah the pictures I saw on the web were just "thumbnails" meaning small images not the real deal. I assume you have pictures of the real deal.

    VO: Oh yeah, "totally" there is also going to be a billboard in Atlanta with the picture on it so people get to see me naked every time they drive down [I}85.

    LPN: Do they get to see your "trademark big butt"?

Editors note: During one point in the competition Simon Cowell commented that she should loose a few pounds which started a huge controversy and it didn't bother her and she commented that "I know I have a big butt". "It worked for J-Lo" (Jennifer Lopez).
On the American Idol web site when asked; Why do you want to be an AMERICAN IDOL?
"Because it would be fun and I get to show my big butt and loud hair on TV". This was before the Simon controversy. So she is very proud of her butt.
    New note: After meeting her in person at the mall tour April 19, 2003 she looks like any normal healthy woman of her age and Simon's comments were un called for.

    VO: My "trademark big butt", no the big butt is not shown, nothing is really shown it is all covered but just a little skin.

    LPN: Yeah.

    VO: Yeah, and also I am going on Tuesday I will be in Rhode Island for the benefit for the nightclub tragedy, I am emcee-ing that and singing in it I am thrilled about it its going to be a blast and I and I am also doing a benefit for the Atlanta Humane Society, possibly I am also possibly doing a benefit for the Atlanta Women's Rape Crisis Center. So

    LPN: Ok.

    VO: I have got lots of cool things going on.

    LPN: Have you notice that your life has improved since you have left American Idol or are you sad to leave but welcome what come along next.

    VO: Well, I am definitely sad to leave but welcome what comes along next, most definitely I mean it is an incredible experience. I mean even leaving the show I have gotten so much press so much attention the ad has been fabulous for me and for PETA, its definitely been a lot of publicity for PETA, so I think that is great. wooo!

    LPN: I have a theory that the reason that you got voted off may be because you just don't fit the demographic of the audience that votes. What do you think of that theory?

    VO: Well I think it is important to have people that "stick out" and I just happen to be one of those people (giggle). Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

    LPN: I read somewhere that got to meet several stars I was wondering who you have met so far and what your impressions have been?

  3:09  VO: I am sorry (background sound of people yelling).

    LPN: I read that you got to meet several celebrities in your off time between the time you were eliminated and the time you came home?

    VO: I did, I just met another one last night actually Moby is a member of PETA. and we had dinner with him last night so that was absolutely fabulous he is a very interesting guy very cool had a lot to say and I had dinner with Melissa Etheridge got to meet Cathy Najimy [the voice of Peggy Hill], Tammy Lynn Michaels and that's it as far as celebrities go. But they have been very nice, very cordial and welcomed you with open arms.

    LPN: That is very important

    VO: Yes, absolutely.

    LPN: How did you end up getting to the competition or deciding to try out for it?

    VO: Well my friends were like Vanessa; you really need to try out for this thing it's going to be so awesome for you, you would so totally make it in the competition. Well I was like "na-ah" I would never make it blah-blah-blah you know of course me with the lower self esteem, not really that was a joke.

    LPN: You have got plenty of that (self esteem).

    VO: Anyway so I just ended up going to try out and happened to make it so it was very exciting I never expected to get that far and it was something that "happened" it was almost like overnight.

    LPN: They did not show on television the process between the auditions and the final 32 elimination...

    VO: Uh huh.

    LPN: I am not sure what that was like?

    VO: Well I mean it was definitely a process. It was a lot of hard of work, tons of hard work, um it was really nerve racking, really stressful they waited like until the end of the day to let you know well depending on what number you were in line and usually everyday they would cut the number in half, (about in half) so if there were 300 one day they would cut it down to 150. LPN: WOW! then from the 150 it would be cut down to 75 and so on and so on and so forth.

    LPN: A lot of people think getting into the entertainment business is all glamour and no work.

    VO: Oh no that would not be true, I am living proof it takes a lot of work to get where I am and it kinda sucks because a lot of people kind of kinda point their fingers and say "oh those American Idol people you know this is like their one chance at fame and you know they have it easy, they didn't have to struggle to get through". But you know what  I have done a lot of struggling like I have been shopping my CD that I put out like when I was 18 for years nothing ever came out of it I mean it is hard to make it in this business and what better, how much better can you get a show that does all of your publicity. I mean all you have to do is sing. (laughs).

    LPN: Yes, I was going to ask you have you recorded any music on you own and tried to publish it using the internet or other means?

    VO: Yeah I had a CD that I put out like a few years ago and somebody had created a web site for me (LPN: I saw it.) and  I think its on I think they put like sound clips on the web site. It used to be available on but we had to take it off because of Idol and they told us they had to take it off the sale list of so whoever it was must have bought the CD and put sound clips on there and so I guess you can go listen to them there is you want to.

    LPN: What is the name of the CD?

    VO: Its just self-titled, not anything special just "Vanessa".

Editors Note: The website is

    LPN: You were famous before you even realized...

    VO: Aww no not really. Maybe in my parent's eyes.

    LPN: You just needed to have that window of opportunity appear.

    VO: Yeah I think it definitely helps... (laughs)

    LPN: So what is your plans for the future or are you just going wait to tap all the resources that have been made available to you?

    VO: Well hopefully I will make a CD and you know make 15 million trillion gazillion dollars.

    LPN: That's everybody's dream!!!
    VO: But if that doesn't happen then I will settle for just having inspirational music that people like to listen to and can relate to. So

    LPN: Yes I understand that you have quite a spectrum of music that you like?

    VO: I do. I like anywhere from swing music, big band, I love big band my mom got me into that, I love Bette Midler I love Van Morisson I love the Pretenders I got to talk to Chrissy Hinds [the Pretenders] actually too I forgot about that one on the phone, she's also a huge supporter of PETA. so she talked to me. Anyway but I listen to the classic rock station actually where I live which is really funny, I rarely listen to Pop which is funny but I try to listen to it a little bit just so I can see what is going on in the pop world I think it is important to make sure that you touch base with all of the different aspects of music, just so you are more well rounded musically.

    LPN: Yes. It has been said that you look just like Bette Midler do you think you could do standup comedy and acting?

    VO: Oh totally I used to do acting a lot more acting than singing when I was in high school so hopefully maybe Broadway I would love to do Broadway, I don't know I am pretty much up for anything  am kind of a go-getter so anything I could tackle I mean I want to tackle everything possible before I die.
    LPN: Wow, well you definitely have ambitions I must give you that!

    VO: Oh well thank you so much.

    LPN: Is there anything else that you want to talk about that you haven't been asked already by everybody?

    VO: Um, not really I think that pretty much touches everything. I am really excited because I am going to see "Hairspray" right now...

   LPN:  What's that (burst of noise on the phone).

    VO: Except that I am really excited because I am going to see "Hairspray" right now.

    LPN: That originated in Baltimore and I think it stared Rickey lake originally.

    VO: That's correct...

   LPN: I have in my notes here... did you get to meet "The Keith from Atlanta" (I can hardly contain myself).

Editors note: Keith auditioned in Atlanta and after his performance of "Like a Virgin" Simon Cowell described him as possibly "the worst singer in the world" after hearing him you may agree (you have to hear this to believe it). For the record Paula Abdul was not present in Atlanta. Got to

    VO: Yes I did actually he was right in front of me in line to audition in front of Simon, Paula and Randy. So it was really funny he is totally serious I can tell you that.

    LPN:( I can still hardly contain myself).

    VO: He is not joking like he is really like that he is touched but he is very nice he is a very nice guy and I really felt bad for him because I think his feelings got really hurt.

    LPN: I watch the thing he told Simon where he could go of course everybody tells Simon where he can go.

    VO: Right

    LPN: You do a good impression have you worn it out yet.

    VO: Oh totally! I have totally worn it out, a lot of people ask me to do it at the mall tour that I am doing right now, I have been doing a "Coca Cola and Simon Mall Tour".

Important editors note: The Simon in Simon Mall Tour means a management company know as Simon Management and has nothing whatsoever to do with Simon Cowell but the name sure worked out well. This is the reason that certain malls were chosen that there run by Simon Management. You learn something new everyday. My gracious thanks to the people at Simon Management for arranging a "meet and greet" of Vanessa and former contestant Charles Grigsby .

    LPN: Where are you appearances going to be?

    VO: The next one is going to be in Philadelphia and the one after that is going to be somewhere in the DC area.

    LPN: You don't know which mall it is?

    VO: I have no clue I don't have my list on me, I wish I did that would be a good thing to have.

    LPN: I remember seeing something on the web about it is a mall in Charles County Maryland which     VO:(Right) I found is kind of odd because that would be the last VO:(uh huh) mall on the list that I would book as a tour.

    VO: Yeah I know, isn't is small?

    LPN: Yeah, well there is another mall more centrally located in Maryland that would that is a much better choice.

    VO: You would be surprised though we had a really big crowd in a small town yesterday, it was a huge crowd there was about 700 people there.

    LPN: Were they there to see you knowing you would be there?

    VO : Yes they were, it was fabulous (in a meowing voice).

    Editors note:  I will post this clip eventually, it is so cute.

    LPN: Yes, so you have followers all over...

    VO: I do and it is great to hear people come up to me and say, especially mothers in particular with heavier set daughters, I have had a lot of them come up to me and say that: I am such and inspiration for their daughter and that they hope I continue to be an inspiration and they think it is wonderful that I am happy with myself and that I showed their kids that is ok to be who you are and you should always be proud of yourself. So

    LPN: Do you believe the competition has helped a lot of people in that area by showing it doesn't matter what you look like it's what is underneath that counts.

    VO: Exactly I totally think that it has helped with that theory and I think it is a good theory to go on most definitely it shouldn't matter what you look like if you have got talent you should showcase it. Period.

    LPN: Right, like for example Ruben who I expect to win. He is a big dude!

    VO:  Oh he is a big guy, he is like a big Teddy Bear but he is so sweet and he can sing like "nobodies business", so why not.

    LPN: Did you watch the show last night?

    VO: I didn't get a chance to actually I was out I was out eating dinner. But I am going to watch tonight if I can so I can catch up and I am having it recorded. Ha-Ha-Ha

    LPN: That is funny you are so busy now as a result if the show that you can't even get a chance to watch it.

    VO: I know that I can't even watch the show it kind of makes me mad. I am like I want to see the show but I have it recorded so that way I can, but I always watch it "a day late and a dollar short". When they have always talked about the news from the last nights show and I am watching it 3 or 4 days later. so, but I wish it weren't the case, sometimes. Busy busy.

    LPN: Yes it is you gotta catch it while it is there because you never know when it might change.

    VO: Exactly.. (Vanessa makes meowing sounds).

    LPN: It sounds like you are outside.

    VO: I am walking through New York right now, it's really hard to do interviews when you are walking.

    LPN: You are actually in the middle of New York City right now?

    VO:  Yeah I am walking through New York City, we are going to see "Hairspray". so we are walking to the theater right now.

    LPN: Who is with you I am curious, friends?

    VO:  Me and Dan Mathews from PETA. he is the vice president from PETA.

    LPN: Tell him I said hello from Westminster Md.

    VO: Hello from Maryland (he says hello). (Vanessa says hello too).
    (lots of background noise).

    LPN: Yes?

    VO: Hello?

    LPN: Hello?

    VO: Oh I thought you hung up on me.

    LPN: No I would never hang up on you.

    VO: Excuse me...

    LPN: Laugh

    VO: Wow it is packed over here.

    LPN: Yeah are you at the theater right now?
    (more background noise).

    VO:  Yeah we just got here. It is extremely packed.

    LPN; Yes I wonder how many people will recognize you?

    VO: Probably a lot.

    LPN: That would be interesting if you disrupt the show because everyone wants to wave to you.

    VO: Yeah I know I have got some like little pictures of me I can autograph if anybody asks me, they are from the PETA. ad.

    LPN: Ok. Well I will have to look into that some more. Like I said I just saw previews on the web.

    VO: Well right on! I look forward to talking to you again.

    LPN: Ok well if your shows starts in a few minutes I guess that you had better get to it.

    VO: I know it's going to start show time is pretty soon.

    LPN: Ok

    VO: All right nice talking to you.

    LPN: Ok thank you very much Vanessa.

    VO: Ok Bye Bye!
    15:14 End of file.

My thanks to the people at Fox Television for arranging this.
My sincere thanks and best wishes to Vanessa Olivarez, Godspeed to you.

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